Cora Kreischer, MS

Feel better about YOU and reach your goals

About Cora Kreischer

Cora is an integrative clinical nutritionist who connects deeply to professional women and/or busy moms that feel stressed, struggle with anxiety/depression, bloating, gas, constipation/diarrhea, lack of focus, and low energy. As a busy career mom herself, Cora has a special interest in working with other professional women/moms to take charge of their health through food/intuitive eating, stress reduction techniques, supplements/herbal medicine, movement techniques, and more!

My approach

  • Less disease-centered and more patient-centered 
  • Evidence-based nutrition to find personalized interventions that fit your needs
  • HAES® (Health At Every Size®) based weight-inclusive practice without the use of diets or weight focus to improve your relationship with food and learning body acceptance
  • Meal plans and recipes to invite into your daily routine and diversify your eating 
  • Collaborative work to find those changes that make a real difference in your life and make your overall wellness improve

My training/ associations


What is the CNS® credential?

The Certified Nutrition Specialist® credential (CNS®) is the most advanced certification for personalized nutrition practitioners. Certified Nutrition Specialists practice science-based personalized nutrition therapy to power people to health. They are spearheading the transformation from population-based to personalized nutrition, and from disease care to authentic health care (n.d.). Retrieved January 1, 2021, from

My Story

I didn’t initially set out on this path but I knew I was always looking for something more in a career. Everything I had done before was what just felt like work. There was no passion. So how did I realize my passion was helping others with improving their life with nutrition/herbal medicine and lifestyle changes? Well, I became a mom and met a lady that made her own kombucha (which is something I had never heard of before). I was sold. From then on out I started to become what some around that area of the time would refer to as a “crunchy mom”. I wanted my daughter to have the best for what was given to her body for nourishment. I breastfeed and made her own baby food. As I evolved, I started to realize how much I loved playing with different types of food and herbs and I found satisfaction in feeding my family with quality food. It was when I decided to leave the military and had a GI bill to use that I decided to pursue this interest even more and get my masters degree. 

During my education for my Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health (MS) was when I started to realize that there is so much more to health than trying a diet for weeks to months or hitting the gym hard for a few months to lose weight. None of these are sustainable changes and it is the lifestyle changes that really make the difference. Integrative nutrition is about all aspects of a person’s life and all stages of the healing process. When someone is told to try a diet to lose weight, this is usually harmful as it will restrict food choices and is usually only short term results (if any at all). 

Integrative nutrition is about finding changes that work for you, ones that are sustainable and help you feel better. I offer personalized nutrition that gives you goals you are comfortable with and are realistic to your current lifestyle. 

If any of this resonates with you, I implore you to find within yourself a desire to change. Take a walk with me through the “garden” and together we will find wholesome foods, herbs, and more that will support you through this journey.